Playmobil – The Toys Made For Success

Playmobil is the brainchild of Hans Beck, the German inventor who lived the dream he once had as a boy, and strived to fulfill the dreams of children. As head of development in the toy making company, Brandstätter, he developed a line of high quality yet safe toys for the children’s market.


Playmobil toys were originally designed for children from toddlers to twelve-year-old schoolchildren. Even if Brandstätter believed that older children were no longer inclined to this type of toy, many of these youth loved Playmobil and never got over the fun of it from their childhood. Even a large number of adults have their prized collections of Playmobil which are widespread on the Internet. Many have created fan clubs and groups, where they organize various events and programs to show their huge support.

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