Snuggle Buddies

On a cold night, besides a pillow and a warm blanket or a snug comforter, what would you need to sleep? Something you want to cuddle and snuggle to your chest all night.

We know that people either sleep alone or with someone. Either way, many feel better having a plush buddie with them for these reasons:

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Teddy Bears & Care Bears

The fabulous thing about teddy bears is that they come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a huge teddy bear that’s bigger than you or a small one for you to hold close, a teddy bear is a child’s best friend. Children’s love for teddy bears starts at a very early age.

When I was little, my teddy bears slept all around me to protect me at night. Some children carry their teddy bears everywhere they go. Some treat them like their best pal while others treat them like it’s their baby. My two year old nephew has a teddy bear named Charlie.

build-a-bearCheck out this cute teddy bear (Build-a-Bear Teddy Bear)

Charlie gets burped, has his diaper changed, and gets put in the swing when he’s crying. But teddy bears aren’t just for children. Many adults have collections of teddy bears. Those collections can contain hundreds of bears in multiple colors and costumes.

Teddy Bears are also used quite often to decorate the house or spare bedrooms. There is only one thing cooler than a teddy bear, and that’s a Care Bear. Care Bears are different than teddy bears in a few ways. First, Care Bears have cool powers that regular teddy bears don’t have.

Second, Care Bears are made of fun, bright colors, with different symbols on their tummies. Third, they teach children about feelings and about caring for others. Care Bears live in the Kingdom of Caring and go on missions using the symbols on their tummies to ignite the Care Bear Stare and emit a shooting light onto the villain. That light brings caring, happiness, and love onto its target. With the teddy bear and Care Bear having so many great features, how do you choose? You don’t, buy both!!

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The Magic of Build-A-Bear

buck. Some people would argue “Afterall, it’s just a toy”.
Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc (St. Louis, Missouri) is an interactive retailer of customizable teddy bears and other stuffed animals. Each customer who walks in the store has a selection of animals, accessories, sounds, and other features to choose from to create their own unique plushie.


Build a Bear Teddy Dark Brown Plush

If you’re a first timer with the Build-A-Bear Make Your Own Stuffed Animal process, it goes:

1. Choose Me

The first step is in selecting from over 30 animals, you’d like to have as a new furry friend. From classic, warm, and fuzzy teddy bears, to “My Little Pony” characters; they definitely have an animal for each child.

2. Hear Me

The next step is recording your message or choosing from their collection of pre-recorded songs and sounds.

3. Stuff Me

In Build-A-Bear, you and even your kids take part in adding the stuffing to the plushie. It’s even encouraged to give the little critter a test hug to see if it’s “just right”. Afterwards, you get to select a heart for the new toy. This is a trademark of the Build-A-Bear Workshop. There’s an entire ritual for physically warming the heart, making a wish, and planting it inside the plush toy. Think of it as a symbol of bringing life to a new friend.

4. Stitch Me

By this point, it’s mostly the staff who stitches up the toy to make him/her “whole”. Although, they sometimes allow the kids to help in this step

5. Fluff Me

Now the furry friends get a “bath”, brush, and blow dry, kind of like a mini spa treatment for plushies.

6. Name Me

To complete the process of bringing the toy to life, it’s time to name the little critter. But Build-A-Bear doesn’t like doing things half way, so their naming ritual comes complete with a personalized birth certificate, and is registered in their tracking system which “helps lost animals find their way back home” (

7. Dress Me

The last step is to give the animal little more character. Is it a pirate? A cheerleader? A princess? You have a myriad of ways to personalize, with hundreds of clothes and accessories to choose from.

8. Take Me Home

And that’s it! After styling, the new plushie is ready for its new home.
Believe me when I say that after seeing the look on your baby’s face, you’ll realize that it’s more than just a toy. It’s about seeing the look of pride in your child’s eyes in knowing that he or she participated in (quite literally) making a new friend. The magic of Build-A-Bear is in the experience. Try it with your little ones and experience a day of magic and warm hugs.


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Build A Bear Pink Yellow Plush Stuffed Teddy 

The Rabbit Everyone Loves

Rabbits are fascinating creatures – they curiously observe a situation yet they scurry from unfamiliar things. Their delicate gait and cute furry body have enchanted many an artist and child.

It has been a century since Beatrix Potter wrote the children’s story, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, but it has not been lost through time. Enraptured by the natural ability of children to be fascinated with animals, Potter illustrated the child-like life of a mischievous and disobedient young rabbit named Peter Rabbit. He was chased wildly around the garden of Mr. McGregor for eating the blackberries and green parsley on that man’s property. When he escaped, he went back home to his mother – a sick boy who overate in the garden. She tucked him into bed after dosing him with camomile tea while his sisters had a sumptious dinner of milk and berries.

The Charm of Peter Rabbit

Actually, Peter Rabbit was inspired by a Belgian buck rabbit called Peter Piper who was the author’s pet until 1901. She used him as her model for the protagonist of her children’s story because he was fat, sneaky, good at tricks and very naughty – the exact atittude of Peter Rabbit. Beatrix Potter even dedicated the book to him in an inscription on one of the privately published edition of the books:

“In affectionate remembrance of poor old Peter Rabbit, who died on the 26th of January 1901 at the end of his 9th year … whatever the limitations of his intellect or outward shortcomings of his fur, and his ears and toes, his disposition was uniformly amiable and his temper unfailingly sweet. An affectionate companion and a quiet friend.”

As Beatrix Potter was charmed by her pet rabbit, Peter Rabbit has become a favored fictional character. Whenever people see a real live rabbit, they remember the childish rabbit whose tale captured their hearts.

Inspiration Begets Success

The The Tale of Peter Rabbit was a success. As a children’s book, it was loved by parents for its simple language which children easily understood as the story was read to them. Not surprisingly, it has been translated into 36 languages and is on the pedestal of bestsellers of all time with 45 million copies sold.

As with other books gaining world wide acclaim, this one has inspired many different kinds of merchandise since its release. Sellers and manuacturers have designed and distibuted toys, dishes, food, clothing, videos, movies and televison shows plus other products for both children and adults. The author herself, Beatrix Potter, was one of the pioneers for these business ventures by creating a patented Peter Rabbit doll in 1903 and almost immediately a specifically designed Peter Rabbit board game.

From the books themselves, different variations were produced and sold in the market – pop-ups, activity books, lift-the-flap books. Toy stores have also sold Peter Rabbit-related products, with a whole section specified and earmarked for Beatrix Potter’s beloved characters.

Aside from this, the market has grown to accommodate other products inspired by The Tale of Peter Rabbit story, including kitchenware and dishes, plush toys and pillows plus clothes with the face of cute lovable bunny.

Beatrix Potter’s creation of Peter Rabbit showed how one can have child-like fun and the love of one’s family even in the midst of a difficult trial in life. Children and adults love this rabbit because they see themselves in his adventures.



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Slow and Steady May Not Be the Point: A Different Perspective on The Tortoise and The Hare


One of the most popular tales told to children is Aesop’s fable of The Tortoise and The Hare.  At a very young age, children learn that “slow and steady wins the race”.  There is still a lot of truth into this today. But what if that wasn’t the main point of the story?  What if there was actually another moral lying underneath the colorful undertones of this classic fable?

The Fable of The Tortoise and The Hare

Once there was a hare, who incessantly boasted about how he was the fastest animal in the land.  He would forever ridicule the tortoise for the tortoise was slow.  When the tortoise had about enough of the hare’s taunting, he challenged the hare to a race.  Of course, the hare, confidently accepted.  The course was planned and the next day both the hare and the tortoise stood at the starting line.  The race began and the hare zipped through half the course.  As he looked back, he realized that the painfully slow tortoise was nowhere to be seen.  He thought to himself that even if he takes his time, the tortoise will never be able to catch up to him so he decided to take a nap, and then catch up with the tortoise (should he be ahead) when he wakes.

The hare woke from his nap, and began to look for the tortoise.  But the tortoise had moved barely a third of the course.  With a sigh of relief, the hare decided he might as well have breakfast for this may take a longer than expected.  He went off to munch on some cabbages from a nearby field.  The hearty meal and blazing sun made him drowsy.  With a last glance at his rival who was only halfway along the course, he decided to take another nap before winning the race.  He smirked at the thought of the creature’s face as he’d flash past him after pacing so far for so long, and with a confident smile, he slept and snored happily.

The sun had begun to set, and the tortoise who’d been tirelessly plodding through the course since morning was barely one yard from the finish line.  At this point, the hare woke with a start, and frantically searched for the tortoise.  Upon seeing that the tortoise was nearing the finish, he ran and jumped as fast as he could.  But the hare was too late.  On his final leap, the tortoise had already beaten him to the finish line.

A Different Perspective


Since time immemorial, the moral taught to children by the end of this story is “slow and steady wins the race”.  In this view, we are better off being a tortoise that paces steadily towards a goal, rather than being a hare that “rushing into things” only to slack off later on.  Now there is a lot of truth in that.  However, that only considers the side of people that are tortoises — the side that isn’t particularly good at something, but is persistent and hardworking.  But there is actually a lot of “hare” in all of us.  The side of us that is born with amazing talents, that we often take for granted.  You see, the tortoise didn’t just win because of his diligence; he won because the hare was overconfident, lax, and lost sight of his goal.


Now you’re probably thinking that in this sense, the moral remains the same.  That is still true.  The point is still that no matter how brilliant you are at something, if you don’t put in the work, someone less brilliant but twice as hardworking and persistent will beat you.  But what if the hare didn’t slack off?  What if the hare actually put in the effort to winning the race?  Of course, it’d be an entirely different (and probably much shorter) story.  But the point of that notion is that it’s a lot more true-to-life today.


In a competition, people who’ve been the best of the best rarely ever slack off.  This is why there’s always that kid in high school who always wins the science fair, or why there’s always one momma who always wins the county pie competition.  These “hares” are always at the top of their game, and if or when they lose, they do better than their best to get back to the top.  This is how life is and how it’s supposed to be.  I believe that great people who slack off and then lose, mostly belong to fairytales and movies.

In the case of The Tortoise and the Hare, I believe the bigger lessons (than slow and steady wins the race) are: use your strengths to reach your goals, don’t be overconfident, and give it your all even if you know you’ll win.  After all, slow and steady is good, but fast, smart, and efficient is even better.

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