Choosing the Right Flatware and Dinnerware for Your Kids

No words can express the joy of having children.  As they grow older, their needs change and it is important to address them accordingly.  Parents will always want what’s best for their kids from the clothes they wear, toys they play with, food they eat, and of course, on what they eat on.  Young children go through the aping stage wherein they try to imitate what other people are doing.  If they see you eating on a plate using a spoon and a fork, they would want to do the same.  However, the potential danger of letting them use regular “adult” utensils is pretty obvious and we’ve all heard horror stories about them.  Choosing their first flatware and dinnerware is important for them to practice eating properly on their own while having a bigger safety margin than using the regular ones.

What they’re made of

Children’s Flatware and Dinnerware are usually made out of plastic, though there are some that are made of sterling silver or bamboo.  Plastic is arguably the best choice for the simple reason that it does not corrode.  Sterling silver might be a bit too heavy for a child.  The phrase “served on a silver platter” comes to mind but, in reality, I don’t think they’d appreciate that line at such a young age.  Besides, considering how much silverware costs these days, it’s not very practical.  Although bamboo is an organic alternative, since it was once a living thing, it will decay eventually.  Also, wood is wood and with wood there are always splinters.  Plastic (as well as rubber) is still king however not all plastics are created equal.  There have been studies about the effects of plastics on humans.  Many cases are still under scrutiny and still under debate.  There is a lot of information online regarding these studies and it’s quite easy to find the information you need.  One tip is to inspect very carefully every single piece before purchasing.  Stay within the middle to high priced sets as much as possible.  It’s also a good idea to stick with name brands since these companies will have a reputation to protect and would likely invest a lot in keeping their products safe.

How Big or Small

Size will always play an important factor in choosing your kid’s flatware.  You need to find the right size for your kid’s age.  It’s understandable that some parents buy stuff for kids that are a couple of years older than their kid’s actual age, in anticipation of their growth.  Although, being able to use them for much longer is a valid argument, you shouldn’t nitpick on it.  What’s important is that they have something they can use comfortably.

Bottom line, kids deserve only the best from their parents.  Choosing the right flatware and dinnerware for them may sound trivial but, it is essentially a big step forward in growing up.  Once your kid start eating from a plate using a spoon and fork, what he learns from that moment, he will use for the rest of his life.  So take the time to do your research for your kid’s sake.

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