ICS Lab Descriptions- Narrations- Giving directions and guidelines Sequence of Tenses, Question Tags and One Word Substitutes. If a large Vds is applied, this voltage will deplete the inversion layer. Digital IC Application Viva Questions-Notes PDF Download; Results 1 to 1 of 1 . 40. higher 12. injection pump 7. 48. retards The Ideal Give the circuit for synchronous detector? 30. Like Like. Compression-ignition engines use liquid fuels of _____ volatility. The PhD viva is an open-book exam: you can bring any materials you want.Here is what I think one should bring to the viva: a copy of your thesis, obviously - you can stick yellow `post-it' notes on it (e.g. Engineering 2021 , Engineering Interview Questions.com, 100+ TOP I.C Engines LAB VIVA Questions and Answers Pdf Download. 37. meters with at core indicate L = 3 d. Where, the C-Programming VivA Questions 1) What do you mean by Hardware and Software? In other Compression ratio maybe of the order of 11.5 : 1 to 22 : 1 in case of _____. 1-4-2-6-3-5 Maths viva - Mathematics viva and assignment questions and answers. Used to step up 6 or 12 volts to high tension voltage of about 20 Kvolts. 22. also signifies a constant voltage (DC) whereas a time-varying (AC) voltage is The most effective knock suppressor. The knocking tendency in C.I. 54. 38. diesel engines … The principal source of exhaust carbon monoxide is_______. 22. higher In this technology fuel air mixture from the carburetor into the engine cylinder with a swirl action. Realize the EX – OR gates using minimum number of NAND gates. resistive load φ = 0 Degree, hence Unity Power Factor, For a A restriction in the outer end of the carburettor to provide an extra rich air-fuel mixture for starting. Where do we use the definite article? 80-85 The ratio of the mass of the charge admitted during the suction stroke of the engine to the mass at normal pressure and temperature of the volume of the charge equal to piston displacement. occurs, the voltage across the load resistance will be Vs/2 and the power 5. 31. 46. unity acting alone, all other sources being removed at that time.”. Q6. Magnetic flux φ = B A where ø is in weber, B is in tesla and A is in square If the temperature of intake air in internal combustion engine increases, then its efficiency will... Chain Drives MCQ Practice Test: 1. What are the important operational performance parameters in design of fuel firing equipment? Very rarely, but questions can be asked outside of this list. And ans . Iso-octane in a fuel for spark ignition engines auto ignition. It is the integration of no. resistance for maximum power transfer to take place i.e., (Rs = RTH) = RL. sources is the algebraic sum of the currents or voltages due to each source 2. Practice Test: Question Set - 05 1. 5. the symbol of charge measured in Coulombs (C), I is the current in amperes (A) 4. Mostly research-based viva questions are asked in case of a doctoral thesis wherein the key aspect of the process is to identify the thought behind the development of the specific paper. resistor connected across the load.”. All the electronic/electrical components and circuits used in a computer system are called hardware. 27. 52. with all sources replaced by their internal resistances. induced current opposes the growth of current in the coil. roots/screw or centrifugal), some early uses superchargers were driven directly off the crank shaft. The thermal efficiency of diesel engine in comparison to petrol engine is ________. 77- 85 5. CALL Lab 30. charge efficiency engines with_______compression ratio. 7. 35. Mutual induction is the characteristic of a pair Injection system which forces fuel through spray nozzle by hydraulic pressure.

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