Puppy-farmed dogs show worse behaviour, suffer ill health and die young – so adopt, don't shop. If … Birmingham, Warwickshire, Aston Talks: Assistive technologies for people with impaired mobility - online public lecture by Professor William Holderbaum A simple way to spot a pet transport scammer is to send them an email. Watch for poor grammar and spelling mistakes. A good place to start is by locating the company’s contact information. The purpose at this stage is to rush the victim into paying a deposit, which will usually be requested in the form of a non-refundable payment. A simple way to spot a pet transport scammer is to send them an email. — If a seller encourages you to send a down payment or any form of money before receiving your item, this is a strong indication that they are trying to scam buyers. Facebook, Craigslist, free websites or even local newspapers are often home to fraudulent pet transport advertisements. The most common fee usually requested during this stage of the scam is for some sort of refundable cargo crate, often one which they claim is “temperature controlled” despite planes already having pressure and climate control in their cargo areas. Often, scammers will “give away” a pet for a delivery fee, or offer a discounted price. Pet scams are not a new problem. However, Action Fraud in the UK has recently reported consumer losses from pet scams of over £280,000 over a two-month period, due to the fact that prospective buyers have not been able to travel to see their desired pet in person during the pandemic. IPATA does not have any email addresses with other domain names. The job of a pet transport company is to safely bring your pet from one destination to another. If you feel you have encountered a scam artist or have fallen victim to a scam, report it to the Better Business Bureau, which offers warnings of its own to avoid this growing problem. In normal circumstances, this can be taken one step further by always visiting the pet in person. How to avoid a pet adoption scam & warning signs: Emails contain broken English as the scammers are generally in another country. If you encounter an ad that seems too good to be true, especially in terms of price, it probably is. Not only do these payment methods tend to be untraceable, but they also don’t accept refunds in the event that you want your money back for unsatisfactory service. Review all ads, picture or not. Here is a list of known pet scammer emails and websites that have been reported to IPATA over the last year. I can get pictures later if the deal-breakers are all in place. BBB urges the public to be on guard against online puppy scams; inspect an animal in person before paying money, and pay by credit card if you do make an online purchase. If you respond and hear back that the person who is giving away the animal is out of town, you're likely looking at a scam, according to the IPATA. Myles Allen, Kaya Axelsson, Sam Fankhauser & Steve Smith in conversation — How to Spot a Sneaky SCAMMER... Drop a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more content! These specialists monitor weather, road conditions and other relevant factors to provide your pet with a safe and hassle-free experience. — Speaking over the phone also helps grant you peace of mind that the company will take care of your pet and ensure that they arrive at their destination safe and healthy. One promising avenue in the case of pet scams is to explore the willingness of domain name registrars to take down these websites in light of the growing threat that they present to consumers. However, some pet scammers have been known to charge customers for unnecessary services, such as grooming or veterinary services. Because this fraudulent behavior isn’t immediately obvious, it’s your responsibility to put your detective skills to work and search for any red flags. As a result, they go out of their way to hide their foreign area code and insist on communicating exclusively via email. To give a quick summary, check for bluntness, money orientation, and a lack of welfare. These fraudulent companies don’t actually plan on performing these services, though. Scammers will typically operate a second website, a pet shipping company. A reputable pet transport company be happy to answer all of your questions and address any of your concerns over the phone. These have been created by opportunistic cybercriminals for the sole purpose of defrauding unsuspecting buyers by selling animals which do not exist. The best way to ensure that your furry friend is successfully transported to their destination is to place them in the care of a pet transport company. Online, Oxfordshire, Angela Saini - Race, Gender and Power For those seeking to buy a pet online, especially during the pandemic, the acid test of finding out whether you are interacting with a scammer is to have a video chat with any prospective seller. The Conversation UK receives funding from these organisations. The US Better Business Bureau found in a 2017 study that up to 80% of all sponsored advertising links to pet websites were created by these offenders to advertise their websites. Why? Luckily, the anatomy of how offenders organise pet scams is fairly simple and there are some early warning signs to spot them. If you see this advertised online, consider this a red flag. Whatever the case, you’re hooked and ready to pay. Luckily, the anatomy of how offenders organise pet scams is fairly simple and there are some early warning signs to spot them. Many potential pet owners are scammed through craigslist pets, email scams, buying dogs online, scam websites, and pet travel scammers. The offenders may also create their own fictitious scenarios and stories. Let's face it. Great breeders and good samaritans do exist, but please make sure you are dealing with a reputable person before financially and emotionally investing in a companion. Key points: Would-be buyers have lost nearly $300,000 on puppy scams since January; Puppy scammers place online ads for animals that don't exist Buying or adopting any pet online, without actually seeing it first is extremely risky, and I strongly recommend you do not do it! Whether it is a puppy, kitten or even an exotic bird, animal companions can relieve the stress of spending prolonged periods indoors. Neon Pet Scam. Ask for a phone number for the person selling the cat and a veterinary clinic the cat has been to. For researchers seeking to explore non-delivery fraud websites further, there is a significant opportunity. [/list] The easiest way to avoid a scam is to ask us! Not all pet transport companies are created equal, though. Then, an online scammer will reel you in with a story about the animal’s history of abandonment or abuse. Pet transport scams are an unfortunate reality for many pet owners. If their response is poorly written or teeming with spelling or grammatical errors, there’s a good chance it didn’t come from a reputable pet transport company representative. We are taking appropriate measures to maintain the health and safety of our drivers, pets, and clients. Scammers can target anyone. Scammers will often originate in Europe or Africa. The very easy way to prove it is ask for a videochat with them where they can show you the puppy. Do warn your kids and grandkids. According to their website, PuppySpot.com is a business “rooted in the belief that dogs should be celebrated” and that owners should be able to expect trust, confidence, and transparency when finding a new puppy to bring home. It has come to our attention that there are a growing number of scammers using Zelle to receive payment for non-delivery fraud, specifically pet scams. It may seem like a simple step, but paying attention to the way the company communicates with its clients says a lot about them and whether they can be trusted. First, though, be sure to watch out for these warning signs of fraudulent pet transport. The best thing you can do for your four-legged friend is to take your time doing extensive research on your chosen pet transport company before you make that call. If … Luckily, the anatomy of how offenders organise pet scams is fairly simple and there are some early warning signs to spot them. 4530 S. Orange Blossom Trail #540, Orlando, FL 32839, Copyright © 2021 Blue Collar Pet Transport. Breeder’s priorities should be for the care and welfare of their animals before anything else. Send us an email and we will let you know if we think something is up. The online dog-for-sale ad looked trustworthy enough. Dating and relationship coach Maya Diamond says: "If you haven't met someone in person and they're saying, 'I love you,' there's a good chance they're a scammer, especially if they haven't made an effort to meet you. Pictures and videos stolen from legitimate breeders will often be sent to victims as part of this process to convince the buyer that the animal exists. The scammer will say "Say [word] if you want me to make your pet neon" and when someone takes the bait and says the word, the scammer will tell them to trade their pet(s) that they would like to have neon versions of. Not only will your pet be safe and healthy when you place them in our care, but we’ll also help ensure that you don’t fall victim to any misleading claims as you work on finding a safe transporter for your pet. If their email address contains a third-party domain instead of the name of the company, this usually means they aren’t a legitimate source that you can trust. • Don’t buy a pet without seeing it in person. — The website was also made last month too which is very typical of pet scams. IPATA does not have any email addresses with other domain names. Here's how to … Knowledge is the strongest defense against scammers posing as rescues. These scams often leave expectant pet owners empty-handed, and with an empty wallet. How to spot a scam: Criminal scammers will often use the names of legitimate pet shippers such as Jetpets, use pirate websites and the logos... Scammers will generally offer to provide free or inexpensive puppies, charging just for the price of shipping. If they seem to have little care about this in their advertisements or when you are conversing, they may be a pet scammer. One victim’s comment that I found described paying US$10,000 (£7,306) after being informed that there had been a plane crash and the transaction had incurred significant legal costs. Portsmouth, Hampshire, Online talk: Prof Sir Andy Haines and Prof Chris Dye in Conversation: "Building back healthier: climate change, health and the recovery from Covid-19" IPATA is here for you. Those following best practices will also only adopt out pets who are up-to-date on vaccinations, have been seen by a vet and are spayed or neutered before going to an adoptive home. For one thing, the “out of town” excuse serves to explain why you can't see the animal in person. They want all of your info, however they do not reveal their names, addresses, phone #, show pictures of themselves, their home, or their business. In addition to stealing the names of trusted pet transporters, these scammers also tend to copy their logos and website. Another good resource available to prospective buyers is my site, petscams.com, which is the largest publicly accessible website dedicated to documenting fraudulent pet and shipping websites. They are just most prevalent in Cameroon). This is just a method for obtaining more of your money. Hi Shazzadi, yes from what you have said its a scam, Zelle+”god fearing woman” are typical things I see in petscams. This website promises their customers that they have zero tolerance for puppy mills or substandard breeding practices, and that all of their puppies are “raised with love by breeders who are held to industry-leading standards.” PuppySpot screens and vets all the breeders they work wit… Discounted or Negotiable Prices. Ask for a phone number for the person selling the pet and a veterinary clinic the pet has been to. My recent study, however, has found there are thousands of fraudulent pet and shipping websites waiting to scam potential pet owners. If the pet transporter you choose turns down any request you make to speak over the phone, be wary of its legitimacy. At Blue Collar Pet Transport, we provide our clients with pet purchase fraud protection resources so that they can steer clear of scams. Do search for the seller’s email and web address to see if the person has been the subject of complaints, and check the seller’s name against watchdog lists of suspected scammers (see “More Resources”). Usually, pet scammers would only target buyers in geographically larger countries such as the US, Australia, and Canada where buyers don’t normally visit their pet before purchase. When a company is behind a pet transport scam, it will typically go out of its way to appear legitimate to potential clients. Before you reach the payment stage, it’s well worth your time to avoid searching for pet transport companies on websites that are notorious for scams. You don’t have to spend thousands to get a great new dog. Maybe they claim the pet is great with kids, incredibly loving, or lonely in his old age. With pictures of adorable animals and declarations of compassion on every page, it’s not always easy to spot the signs of a scam waiting to happen.

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